Elegant and timeless, this 18K gold plated band ring is a classic piece that can be worn on its own or stacked with other rings for a unique look. This ring is made of titanium steel. The top is thickly plated with 18k gold, natural shell, enamel. ● Signet ●Minimalist ●waterproof ●Titanium steel ●Colour: Gold ●Finish: 18K Gold plated

£10 £18.99-47.34%

Color and Size: *
  • Black Signet Ring 5 US
  • Black Signet Ring 6 US
  • Black Signet Ring 7 US
  • Black Signet Ring 8 US
  • Black Signet Ring 9 US
  • Black Signet Ring 10 US
  • White Shell Ring 5 US
  • White Shell Ring 6 US
  • White Shell Ring 7 US
  • White Shell Ring 8 US
  • White Shell Ring 9 US
  • White Shell Ring 10 US

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---------M A TE R I A L S-------------

♡18k Gold Plated over Titanium steel

● no allergy ● no fading

● no green skin ● water proof

-----------S H I P P I N G-------------

♡1-2 working days shipping

♡1st Class Shipping(UK)

--------- -P A C K I N G---------------

♡Nicely packaged with cotton protective bag

♡Marked as ‘gift’ , will beautiful packing ready for gift


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