Elevate your look with these Statement Gold and Silver Color Earrings. The intricate design and meticulous attention to detail make these earrings a striking addition to your jewelry collection. Perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any ensemble, these metal statement stud earrings are arranged like beautiful falls, featuring a thick and smooth tassel gold chain. They are ideal for a night out, parties, or both casual and elegant occasions. Made with excellent craftsmanship, these earrings boast an 18k gold-plated matte finish and are thickly plated with three layers of 18k gold. You don't have to worry about them fading, and they are suitable for sensitive skin. ●Size 25*40mm ●Weight: 5g each ●Brass 18k gold plated/silver ●Safe for sensitive skin ●Tarnish resistance ● no allergy, no green skin

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---------M A TE R I A L S-------------

●18k Gold PVD coating over Brass

● no allergy ● no fading

● no green skin ● water proof

-----------S H I P P I N G-------------

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--------- -P A C K I N G---------------

♡Nicely packaged with cotton protective bag

♡Beautiful packing ready for gift

Brass or Gold
4 Centimetres
2.5 Centimetres